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The management of 'cloud' services as an opportunity to gain competitiveness

The rapid evolution of business is accelerating the processes of migration to the cloud, which affects companies in all sectors.

The question is whether companies are making the choice of the public cloud more in line with their business strategies and if they have professional advice and support to ensure maximum efficiency of their cloud environments.

The process of digital transformation of companies is bringing new business and leadership models, mainly due to technologies related to cloud computing, big data and mobility.

There is no doubt that the cloud trend is unstoppable, as it constitutes the main enabler of the digital era. More than 43 percent of organizations believe that, within five years, most of their IT capacity will be delivered through public cloud services, and that within three they will have access to 78 percent of computer resources through some cloud services, whether public, private or hybrid. Specifically, in our country, it will be the public cloud that experiences the greatest growth to exceed 50 percent in 2020, and in that same year, more than 90 percent of companies will use cloud services and platforms.

Undoubtedly, security is the main challenge of cloud environments. Although the new business organizations will allow the introduction of new digital operational and commercial models in a very dynamic way, the great false taboo of many technology managers is curiously security, an aspect that the main public cloud providers have exceeded with the more demanding certifications and control processes at all levels.

The entry into operation of the GDPR regulation has been a shock to become aware of the importance of having integrated security in cloud environments. Improving security in on-premise infrastructure to achieve compliance with the European regulation often involves investments that are difficult to amortize. 

Among the benefits of the commitment to a secure cloud, we have the reduction of the workload for security professionals (less time invested in repetitive tasks), a better vision of the security position of the company that allows prioritizing activities criticism, driving better security results (and therefore business) and, finally, more information about corporate risk.

The reality is multicloud, with multiple providers. According to predictions made by the IDC consultancy, next year more than 90 percent of large companies will use multiple cloud services and platforms and a third of these companies will have mechanisms to govern these environments.

Since organizations want to hire the best services from the entire public cloud offering of different market leaders, portfolio management and associated corporate governance can become a headache. Plotting the use of resources, controlling those responsible for each environment, managing costs, uniform administration of systems, migrations, integrations, as well as licensing and contracting services, make management tremendously complex.

Aware of this increasingly complex context, we believe that it is essential to provide the greatest experience and innovation in the cloud field, helping companies in the migration and optimization of resources in the cloud and facilitating this much-needed management. For the necessary transition to the cloud, companies have to rely on highly qualified and certified teams in the main technologies that are able to provide them with the business consulting they need, the development of business continuity and software solutions on the internet, as well as the administration tools of its hybrid infrastructures.

By contracting cloud managed services, organizations can benefit from the most efficient system architectures for their business, as well as optimal capacity management, with application auto-scaling. All this with a rigorous control of costs through continuous monitoring, and resolution of incidents in a 24/7 schedule.

Migration to the cloud is a challenge for many companies. From the hand of an expert partner that facilitates this necessary transition, this challenge becomes an excellent opportunity to gain competitiveness. Having the best visibility of the use of cloud resources, with a totally transparent cost control, optimizing maintenance and facilitating management, depends simply on having the right partner.

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The management of 'cloud' services as an opportunity to gain competitiveness


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