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Enimbos with the Public Universities of Spain

Enimbos organizes a lunch-talk with the main directors of the Spanish Public Universities.

In this event, Enimbos will present its recent alliance with Sparkle, the international service division of Telecom Italy (TIM Group) and one of the top 10 telecomunications operators in the world to provide cloud solutions and professional services to GÉANT, Europe's main collabpration network in electronic infrastructures and research and education services.


Those attending this meal are:

- Luis Hernández, IT Vice-Rector of the Complutense University and Chairman of the CrueTic Electronic, Security and Audit Management Working Group.

  - Francisco Antón, President of ASTIC (Professional Association of Superior Bodies of Systems and Information Technologies of Public Administrations); Deputy General Director of Information Technologies and Services in the Ministry of Education and President of the Big Data Foundation.

 - Víctor Robles, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Vice-Rector of Technological Services of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

 - Raúl Hernández, Global Director of Digital Transformation and Strategic Alliances at Universia Corporativo.

 - Lluis Alfons Ariño, CIO of the Rovira i Virgili University.

 - David Rincón, Technical Director REDIMadrid, ICT Infrastructure between Universities and Research Institutions within the Community of Madrid and other national and international research networks through RedIRIS.

 - Gustavo Santos, Director of Computer Services CPD of the University of Salamanca.

 - Andrea Livatino, Cloud Key Account Manager at Sparkle Telecom Italia.

 - Javier de la Cuerda, CEO of Enimbos.

 - Jesús Gironda, CTO of Enimbos.

 - Juan Ramírez, Account Director of Enimbos.


Enimbos with the Public Universities of Spain


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