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We protect your Data Centers in the Cloud, covering your work needs, applications and SaaS environments. Using the power and flexibility of the Cloud, we offer solutions based on scalable architectures that facilitate replicated environments on which to build an IT platform in production in a matter of seconds. We implement end-to-end managed solutions to guarantee the restoration of productive servers in case of contingency.

Main Features:


Availability of DR platform immediately and witth very low costs

Given the downward trend in storage costs, in many organizations critical information is too fragmented, sometimes duplicated and not properly managed. It is essential to make a detailed analysis of the consistency of the data supporting the information, ensuring a proper alignment among infrastructure supporting such data, applications and services they provide to business.

Therefore, it is essential to perform a detailed analysis of consistency of information in order to, based on the clear needs, define the RTO and RPO necessary for business.

Central Control Panel

By integrating Enimbos Business Continuity Dashboard ®, customers can have a complete and nearly real time vision of the status of systems, levels objectives (SLO) and compliance with the RTO and RPO associated with each environment.


This control panel allows a view based on different time scales (week, month, and year) and of the evolution of the data associated with Business, Geographic and Technology fields.


From here, we can have a high-level view of the status of company information as well as the availability of associated data.

Technical support 24/7

We offer high quality service with 24/7 support for capacity management, upgrades, and other processes "backend" that are automatically performed by our support and security team.

We offer a window of centralized management for users and storage with single sign-on SSO.


Scope of our services:

In Enimbos we advise you and provide full protection of all information you provide us keeping running your business no matter what happens.


Data Assurance

We carry out a detailed study of information systems and data consistency. We help to map the data with the different organizational areas and locations for the selection of the best technological solution that guarantees continuity of service. For this we have a team of expert consultants in business continuity that develop a comprehensive methodology for the rapid achievement of objectives.

Disaster Recovery

By integrating technological solutions, we provide the safeguard of job content, both data and the entire system. Whether it is a desktop or a laptop, LAN or WAN, the information is saved encrypted, with the maximum guarantees of security and privacy.

Work center Continuity

We integrate continuity solutions designed for work centers in decentralized environments or small business, allowing a backup disk image-based and hybrid Cloud model, providing:

  • Reduction in recovery times.
  • Debugging in Backup chain.
  • Ensured Backup Integrity.
  • Protection for the entire business environment.
  • Business level priced for small business.

Data Center Continuity

We provide a backup and recovery solution of your hosted data in your SaaS applications (Office365, Salesforce, Sharepoint and GSuite) on a daily and unlimited basis, defining appropriate retention to the policy of each company and ensuring the availability of information and compliance regulatory.



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