The fast evolution of business is accelerating the processes of migration to the cloud. Are you making the choice of the public cloud more in line with your business strategies? Do you have professional advice and support to ensure the maximum efficiency of your hybrid and multicloud environments?

The process of digital transformation of companies is bringing new business models and leadership, mainly due to technologies related to Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Business and Mobility.

There is no doubt that the Cloud trend is unstoppable, since it is the main enabler of the digital age. In fact, in 2018 at least half of global IT spending will go to Cloud services, IDC Research Spain said in its recent Cloud Forum held in Madrid on May 30th.

In the CloudView Survey presented during the Forum, it is noteworthy that more than 43% of organizations believe that, within five years, most of their IT capacity will be delivered through Public Cloud services, and that within three will have access to 78% of the computing resources through some services in Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud.

Specifically in our country, it will be the public cloud that will experience greater growth to exceed 50% by 2020, and in that same year, more than 90% of companies will use services and platforms in the cloud.

Without a doubt, security is the main challenge in cloud environments. Although the new business organizations will allow the introduction of new digital operational and commercial models in a very dynamic way, the big false taboo of many technology managers is curiously security, an aspect that the main providers of public cloud have far exceeded with the more demanding certifications and control processes at all levels.

The recent entry into operation of the GDPR regulation has undoubtedly been a catalyst to become aware of the importance of having integrated security in cloud environments. Improving the security of on-premise infrastructures in order to achieve compliance with European regulations often involve investments that are difficult to amortize.

Among the benefits of the commitment to a secure cloud, we have the reduction of the workload for security professionals (less time spent on repetitive tasks means better use), a better view of the security position of the company that It allows prioritizing critical activities, promoting better security (and business) results and, finally, more information about corporate risk.

The reality is multicloud, multivendor. According to the latest 2018 Predictions made by the IDC consultant, in 2020 more than 90% of large companies will use multiple services and platforms in the cloud, and a third of these companies will have mechanisms to govern multivendor environments.

However organizations want to hire the best services in the public cloud offer of the different market leaders, the management of the entire portfolio and the associated corporate governance can become a headache. Trace the use of resources, control those responsible for each environment manage costs, uniform administration of systems, migration, integration… but also when licensing and contracting services make the management is tremendously complex.

Aware of this increasingly complex context, in Enimbos we wanted to innovate and bring the greatest experience and innovation in the cloud field, becoming the leaders in the migration and optimization of resources in the cloud, facilitating the management to our maximum customers. For this and having a highly qualified and certified team in the main technologies, we provide them with the business consulting they need, the development of business continuity and software solutions on the Internet, as well as the management tools of their hybrid infrastructures.

Through our Cloud managed services, we are able to define the most efficient architectures, optimally manage capacity, with auto-scaling of applications. We keep a strict control of the costs through continuous monitoring, and we carry out proactive operations of the systems, with resolution of incidents in a 24/7 schedule.

If you want to have the best visibility of the use of resources, with a totally transparent cost control, optimizing maintenance and facilitating control of the cloud, you can put us to the test whenever you want. You can make us a no-obligation consultation.

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About Santiago Vegue Lobo

Santiago is studying a Digital Marketing Master in ESIC-ICEMD. Before that he has studied a double degree in Law and Business Administration at the University of Valladolid. He has worked during 5 summers (3 months each) on a Surf school as activities and classes coordinator, accountant and surf instructor. Also he has experience at the automotive coatings industry, in the commercial department as billing and trade agreements assistant. In 2019 he joined Enimbos to be part of the Marketing department.